Tools and Resources

A collection of tools and resources developed through my research that is made freely available to all those who are interested. If any questions/comments please contact me.

Near-Realtime Agrohydrology Station Data

A data portal to access and plot data from University of Saskatchewan agro-hydrology research sites near Broderick, Clavet and Rosthern Saskatchewan. Observations available in near-realtime include air temperature, wind speed, humidity, radiation, precipitation, snow depth, soil temperature and moisture.

Canadian Prairies Climate Normals at a point

A spatial data visualization tool that facilities that allows a user to extract monthly averages of air temperature, growing degree days and precipitation for specific location from the 1980-2010 climate normals from AAFC over the Canadian Prairie ag extent.

Snow Survey Spreadsheet

A spreadsheet that provides instructions and calculations for anyone to conduct their own snow surveys in a shallow snow/prairie landscape and determine the average snow water equivalent.

Frozen Soil Infiltration Potential Calculator

A calculator to estimate snowmelt infiltration potential to frozen soils based on observations of snow water equivalent, soil moisture in fall, and soil texture. Calculations come from the empirical approach of Gray et al 2001

Reference Evapotranspiration Calculator

An online reference ET calculator/visualizer that allows a user to quantify the interactions between meteorological variables, location and time of year, and reference ET rates

TAPHY - Teaching Advanced Process Hydrology Model

A python based physically based hydrological process model used for teaching hydrological process interactions common to cold-regions landscapes. Still in development but can be made available upon request.


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